Flour in assortment

from wheat and rye.

our flour

We produce wheat and rye flour of the following types:

Flour is packaged in 25 kg bags.

Whole grain wheat flour

Rye flour

Rye flour has an increased content of vitamins and minerals – 3 times more than wheat flour:
Bread made from rye flour is now in great demand among supporters of healthy eating. They try to bake it themselves in order to be completely sure of the quality and know the composition of the product.
When buying flour, you need to pay attention to its color – it should be grayish-brown, but not very dark. It should not feel “heavy” if taken by the handful.

What we offer

We offer whole grain flour, which retains all nutrients when ground

High quality

Our flour is made from the highest quality raw materials using a technology that allows you to preserve all the vitamins and useful minerals in the finished product.

Own production

Its capacities, which ensure constant production of a high-quality product

Fast and on time

You order early and receive your product on time


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